Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ever stand in the rain???

I went outside in my backyard for a few moments today, and just let the raindrops fall on me. It was beautiful and relaxing. I love the sounds of thunder, and sights of lightning. Unfortunately, I had my clothes on, but trust me, I did not want to; it felt great on my skin. Anyone else fantasize about this?

Ever stand in the rain???
Oh, in the rain..get soaked..clothes stuck to the skin..walk hand in hand with the drip drip drip sound following you...mmmm....

I am's nearly 98 rain, nor that wet weather above all!
Reply:I have kissed in the rain.

That was nice.
Reply:Sometimes I even shake my fist at it.
Reply:Yes, I love to go out in the rain.
Reply:My ex and I went for a walk in the rain, it was one of the most romantic things we ever did.

Another time I walked a couple blocks to the store in a torrential downpour in the middle of the night, there was no one around and I jumped in the puddles, got soaking wet, and had a great time.

I know...I'm not normal, but I like it. :)
Reply:Yes, I do go out in the rain and love it. Love the sound of thunder. And yes, sometimes I think about that, but there's no place I can do it...
Reply:yes i have stand in the rain before. it was awsome feeling the rain tingle on my skin as it landed.
Reply:I love rain!

I always wanted to skinny dip in the rain. just for the heck of it.
Reply:Yes, my sister and I danced and stood in the rain because it was raining really hard and the wind was blowing, and the thunder was roaring, and the lightening was striking the sky with it's flashing blue streaks! It was an amazing moment in time to dance and stand and feel the rain covering my body and soaking my hair and clothes! Oh, how I long for moments like these. :)
Reply:Well, I hadn't fantasized about it until just now....

Not raining in DC yet though.

Running in the Rain...?

This woman was having an affair during the day while her husband was at work.

One day she was in bed with her boyfriend and she heard her husband's car pull in the driveway. She yelled at the boyfriend "Hurry! Grab your clothes and jump out the window; my husband is home early!"

The boyfriend looked out the window and said, "I can't jump out the window! It's raining like crazy out there and I'm naked!" She said, "If my husband catches us in here, he will kill both of us!" So the boyfriend grabbed his clothes and jumped out the window!

When he landed outside he was in the middle of a "running marathon," so he started to run along beside the others - only he was still in the nude, carrying his clothes over his arm.

One of the runners asked, "Do you always run in the nude?"

He answered, while gasping for breath, "Oh yes. It feels so free having the air blow over my skin while I'm running."

Another runner then asked the nude lover, "Do you always run carrying your clothes on your arm?"

The naked lover answered breathlessly, "Oh yes. That way I can get dressed at the end of the run and get in my car and just go straight home without a shower!"

The marathon runner then asked, "Do you always wear a condom when you run?"

The nude man answered, "Only if it's raining..."

Running in the Rain...?
hehehe...=) thanks! have a star*
Reply:hihihi..LOL! :))
Reply:that is soooooooooooo funny :) lol 5 stars for you :)
Reply:funny joke lol!!!!
Reply:that was alright i guess....
Reply:nice joke mam
Reply:very funny
Reply:good one!
Reply:Hilarious ! Very well done indeed ! Please do keep us amusing with these anecdotes of yours ...

Sudden temperature change made my body feel so different....why?

Ok so I live in miami all my live and I go to NY for the first time

I got lost on the streets so I was in the cold for almost 2 hours, not to mention it was raining

when I get to my ants house I take a hot shower imediately.

all of a sudden my muscles feel wierd and the hot water touchest my skin. like I needed to scatch my muslces... is really hard to explain but what made my body turn to this allmost allergic reaction.

Sudden temperature change made my body feel so different....why?
your body is not used to the cold then you go back in the warm and jump into a hot shower your body went in to a kinda like shock, i moved to fl for years and went back home,MD got soaked in a cold rain went inside to a hot shower to get rid of the chill and had the same reaction. if you took a warm shower would have been better believe it.



I miss talking like we used to.

Where words meant everything.

And we didn't have to hold up the constellations.

Just so the stars wouldn't fall.

Nothing makes any sense.

Without the bliss of skin rubbing next to unidentified bones.

And I'm so sick of silence.

And how everything means nothing.

I've been feeling crushed lately.

Suffocating on the things I just couldn't bring myself to say.

Wishing for a center alignment to show you that every piece is still here.

But baby, let's just face the fact that we're both broken.

I miss a lot of things these days.

The way the rain falls down on these warm nights.

And the way you twist my words into everything their not.

I miss every mistake and every erase mark on the paper.

Because all I wanted was for everything to be ok.

but nothing's okay. when the sky shattered worse than my heart.

and your hands couldn't let go of the door handle long enough

to catch me.

awww..that is really good. that is exactly how i feel right now. you just wish that you could be their like "best friend" again like good old days and make everything alright again..i think this shows how ppl feel when they loose someone that they know they should be with...its like loosing part of yourself. you just wanna die inside. i really enjoyed reading it. it brings out all the emotions of heart break. =) good job.
Reply:wow...thats REALLY favourite paragraph was the last one...but geez...i love the whole thing...its really should keep writing....
Reply:nice, is that your experience?


but that's a nice poem

I like it...
Reply:Very, very, good!
Reply:well to be honest u arent exactly the best poet but u are really good it may not rhyme but it sure does get the point across of how u feel so keep it up .

Poem # 7 newest one...your opinion?

Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful eyes

But they do not see.

So blind, so very blind...

How I give myself to thee

Pouring out my heart

A river.

A smile to hide the pain

I long to touch your face again...

Run my fingertips

Upon your saccharine skin.

I strive in vain

Through tears that fall

Such bitter rain.

To savor that sweet kiss

To feel you in my arms.

Just one more moment

Yet always does it seem

I miss...

Those beautiful eyes

They no longer seem to see

Only me.

Poem # 7 newest one...your opinion?
Hi Spiffs, I like this. With so many poems that write about someone's eyes, I didn't expect to. However, it didn't seem tired and old to me. Saccharine skin is an interesting phrase. It does make you stop and think about it. I may agree with Kevin that the artificial nature of Saccharine may detract from your message--I do like the image of skin sweet to the touch though--it mixes up the senses.

All in all--good read.
Reply:First of all, you need to be careful of using words like "thee" in a modern poem that is not a period piece. Also, "saccharine"? even if you meant "saccharine", I don't see how it could be a compliment (artificially sweet?), and if an insult, seems a little out of place in this part of the poem.

Other than that, it's okay. I'd probably suggest you modify "through tears that fall such bitter rain" to read "through tears that fall like so much bitter rain", but that's a nuance that only the poet can tell if it makes it better or worse.

A good poem...not a great one, but a good one if you edit it a little.

keep writing, you're better than most.
Reply:I'm not sure about the saccharine skin....maybe angelic or honeyed. Saccharine to me means artificial, like she wasn't really sweet. Just a thought...otherwise I like it very much.
Reply:Wow another horrible poem

When will you stop

seriously you need a new hobby

Trust me you are no Langston Hughs

Tell me poeticly...?

how fresh rain drops feel on your naked skin?

how a warm summer breeze sweeps you away?

and all things that would or could make your heart beat fast?

Tell me poeticly...?
Of a moment…

The chilling yet warm signature of flesh being warmed by the summer’s fire of the drops of soothing water upon my back… A gentle whisper of a breeze brings the sweet smell of delight that appeals to all of the senses and relaxes my frame and soul.

The rushing roar of a cascading stream flows through my ears and into the deepest depths of my heart an energy surges.

A primal wanting for an endeavoring wave of simple joy and desire of not being alone in all of this, but knowing you are with me as the clouds mingle with the sunshine and the dancing trees…

Of a moment, an intellect being understood through the cry of understanding and emotion…

Have a good day my dear friend. I hope this pleases you.

The Bearded One
Reply:Rain on my naked body??

Hold up ...I gotta pee!
Reply:i like being naked

i feel free

My body is placid

I have to pee!
Reply:why do you need to know... add it as a detail
Reply:the summer warm breeze keeps me alive

and what will make my heart beat faster is you, my love.
Reply:When you see a person "caught in the rain" without an umbrella, they are not really caught in the rain. They are really crying, using the rain to hide their tears.

...oh, on a summer breezy wamn day.
Reply:I bathe in the naked moonlight, sweet rain falls in sight. My rasping breath release, against the warm summer breeze.

I am longing to treasure, this world I pleasure, with faster beating heart...I seem motionless from start...only my breath that give me away, on this moonlit nights exotic display. Chase me...I shall run, into your warm arms. For my love I give, under these stars.
Reply:A fresh rain on naked skin

cold or warm, light and dark.

A warm summer breeze

sweeping away

all those cares

and all those memories.

All that would make my heart beat

just one thing

one that could

never be

the kiss of my love

my life

my heart

it shall never be

for alas, she sees me as but a friend.

What to do

what to say

when I see her

my heart skips

my head is lighter

I think clearer

and then

I remember

I shall never be with her

and my soul is weighted down

by what could

what should

what will never be.
Reply:When my b/f comes up behind me and kisses my neck gently.I get a tingle up and down my spine.%26gt;Hot bubble bath,surrounded by SCENTED candles.That transcends me to another place in time and just for a moment the peace and quiet settles my soul.

Dedicated fully to Steve. BUT EVERYONE ELSE feel free to read my poem plz????

Dedicated fully to Steve.

Sitting on this bench,

allowing the rain to wash my skin.

Thinking of the past,

and how I just can't let it go.

The barrier around me,

has completety broken from my anger.

No longer controlled,

free to think of what I must.

Facing all of it.

This time, the whole entire monster.

My horrifying past,

the one I can't seem to erase.

Wishing it was gone,

wishing I could be a tiger...

hunting its pray.

My pray I'd kill till sundown...

but that's out of the question.

The rain washes it away,

washes away all the tension in my body.

Thinking more clearly,

maybe I'll see things for what they are.

The bloody truth.

Scratching my had,

I contemplate even more deeply.

Searching through me,

like a man hunting for honey...

in a crowded bee hive.

Moving on is it,

it's exactly what I must do.

I must be the prey,

running from the monster.

But, succeeding in running...

getting away.

Starting over is it,

but somethings holding me back.

But what is it? Is it that secret deep within me?


I know it seems unfinished... i just couldn't think of a ending.. one to make you think real hard... a poem that makes ya think... ya know? But whatever... what do you think of it so far?

Dedicated fully to Steve. BUT EVERYONE ELSE feel free to read my poem plz????
jaja, I love the poem, almost as much as I love you. Your a very special friend and I'd do anything for you. I hope you know how very special you are. You will make someone very happy, I only wish I was 25 years younger.
Reply:it's very good. he'll love it when he reads it.
Reply:wow i like this, if al poems were like this then i would read them more
Reply:awesomeness!! that was really good!!
Reply:i'ts a very good poem
Reply:I love it, it really makes you think. I like the ending too, it leaves you to wonder. This is a really good poem.

p.s where is steve?
Reply:What is it? It's the rain =)

Where is Steve? In the poem. LOL Steve's the rain.
Reply:It's a great.....text, it lacks poetry, you have the inspiration, the words, the expression, bring it to the next level.

baby jade